Health is the new Wealth

This is phrase i read in a book i am currently reading and it has been stuck in my head all week.
What is the point have a million dollar salary if you are always working? How do you enjoy this, how do you justify all your time being spent in a office?

My view here is aiming for financial freedom, aiming to enjoy life to its fullest and not having to worry about money. THIS is the way to live, and i don’t think i would have discovered this without my bodybuilding journey or fitness as a whole. In this day and age, health is not considered by the masses, your body is purely there to function and hold up as long as you can keep working.

This is really how Spotter was born as my mission is to change the way the public look at health professionals, we need to be proactive not reactive. If we are able to keep our body functioning properly and have someone keep us on track, this is one less this we can have to worry about as we can be content with knowing our health is be cared for..

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