If you are having trouble hitting the goals you have set out for yourself, this article could very well uncover a BIG reason this is happening. I talk to so many good “intentioned” people that are fighting an unwinnable battle because their biggest enemy in the fight is THEMSELVES.

If you feel that you are hitting everyone else’s expectations but not your own, then read on…

In today’s society there is a crippling belief that taking time out of your day/week for yourself is SELFISH.

You could be helping others with that time, right?


If you are always pouring everything in others you will be empty. Empty of personality, empty of financial stability, empty of self-worth and love for yourself.

Now, I understand that helping others feels great and should be a part of anyone’s well intentioned plan (I just stopped to help an old man and his suitcase up the stairs, and it made me feel awesome).

But what I’m digging into is the self-sabotaging thought process that so many people adopt that involves using their family/work/ [insert scapegoat] to suck up the time that should be blocked out to work on themselves.

If you have given no time to yourself to work on you (your mental and physical health, financial stability, etc.) then you have VERY LITTLE to contribute to others.

This is the cold hard truth.

A great example of this I am seeing atm is Arnold Schwarzenegger who has put so much into learning, building and then more learning that he is now in a position that he is making massive positive changes in global warming, politics, mental health, and so much more.

He would not be able to do this without being in a position to have good health and financial stability.

You simply have less impact for positive change if you haven’t taken care of your health, well-being and finances.

-This is another crippling belief of society, thinking money is evil (But that is for another day).

So, if there is nothing else you get from the email make sure you remember this:

The more you value your time, the more people will value you.

So back to how to reach your goals…

So, knowing this.

1.You need to put some steps in place to make sure you are valuing your time enough to put some of that precious ever escaping time aside for YOU.

2. Then you need to reserve some of your paycheck for investing and working on this new version you.

Side note: if you make less than $60k a year the first thing you need to do is upgrade your skills and standards to reach this, so you have something to put aside for yourself.

These are the two resources you have: time and money.

  • If you want to spend more time figuring it out, you can save a penny or two (while exponentially sucking more time).
  • Or you can spend more money, to save exponentially more time in failures and setbacks to reach your goals quicker.

Now this may sound salesy, but all I am doing is laying out your options and giving you the truth (which is rare).

These are the two resources you have available, how you use them determines how you are going to work towards your goals, and IF you will reach them…

If you are in the second group you understand the importance of having a coach in your corner to take your standards to the next level and use your resources more effectively to reach (and exceed) your goals.

The best way to see if we are a good fit and whether we are the best option for your journey is to book in a video call with me so we can discuss the best game plan for you moving forward.

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Although if you haven’t already been through the 7 Day Physique Challenge and you’re a bit lost on how to optimize training to YOU and maximize your time – join here. So I can coach you through this process to you get ultra clear on what you should be doing to be effective in the gym.

– Olly

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