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David Jenkinson
David Jenkinson
7 May 2024
Sure ... you can think about doing it, but if you truly want to get mind, body and soul on track and live the way you're meant to live then this is a program you should seriously consider.
Josh Dobija
Josh Dobija
7 May 2024
The program has been extremely positive for me, I have thoroughly enjoy the process. Coaching staff are alway helpful.
alison faithfull
alison faithfull
11 March 2024
Excellent information and supportive crew backing you all the way.
NFM workshop
NFM workshop
6 February 2024
absolutely amazing and a life changing experience, can't recommend Body Reset and the coaching team enough, being in business you get side tracked with it all, this has been a great experience to learn how to look after yourself, to then be better in business
harley hubbard
harley hubbard
12 January 2024
Extremely well structured program which I've had amazing results from.
Kurt Walter
Kurt Walter
21 October 2023
What a great team of committed individuals! A step by step approach to help out busy people with making a better long term healthy decisions for the future. Well done
Steve Mclean
Steve Mclean
16 October 2023
All I can say is fantastic
David Frith
David Frith
27 June 2023
The Body Reset has given me the ability to live a long, healthy and mentally strong life. This is not a fad diet or quick fix. It is a long term lifestyle that has helped me implement small achievable habits resulting in permanent and sustainable weight loss, increase strength, amazing energy, quality sleep and a clear and stress free mind. The program, coaches and systems are outstanding and set you up to become self motivated and understand your own body. Thoroughly recommend.
Michelle Fey
Michelle Fey
18 June 2023
Totally enjoyed being put on the right track to lose weight and feel fab again.
Kathy Walsh
Kathy Walsh
14 February 2023
Best health program I have ever done. These guys know their stuff and are brilliant to work with. Do it!! 😆

Down 22kg In 16 Weeks

From overweight, depressed and always tired to full of energy, smiles and momentum! He said "this has been the easiest thing to stick to and understand".

Tackled Menopause!

Rachel is a driven corporate professional that came to us with menopausal symptoms that were really getting in the way of her quality of life. Inside the program we install simply daily habits and nutrition strategies to get her feeling and looking her best.

Cole Lost 13kg in 10 weeks

Cole is a busy, driven man in every area of his life. A lot on his plate and a lot of people relying on him for everything. He was doing his best to keep on top of things, but when he reach out to finally get some support, he immediately saw how much we could optimize what he was doing to bring it all to a new level. The results just 10 weeks in? Over 13kg lost, increase in energy, increase in muscle mass, increase in productivity.

"I didn't know if i'd make it to 65"

Moana came to this program with really low energy and just felt in a rut. She looked like a complete different women by the end of the program!

I was busting my ass but not getting any results before this!

Joe came into the program with an implementation mindset and got stuck in from day 1. She found that she was working against her body rather than supporting it with the right nutrition and exercise to fit her busy life.

i couldn't put it into words how much my energy changed

Scott saw the logical simple progression of the program as a simple tool to follow and as he did he realised that after YEARS of training every day, he was missing some simple tweaks to put his energy through the roof!

Pat Dropped 13cm off His waist & 3X His Energy

Pat came into the program with an open mind and got implementing right away. The change in his skin, blood work and shape was incredible. The Meta Project + this attitude was an unstoppable force. He has easily lost 15kg of fat while adding muscle,  but we were more focused on health and waist measurements to get him to his peak which he achieved in 3 months!

Better Skin, Energy & Sleep Quickly!

Margaret got so much out of the program from day 1. She made some big changes in her nutrition but found it was easy to install and saw some immediate benefits that continued to improve as she got deeper into the program.

Patrick Lost 10kg While Doing LESS

Patrick was an absolute joy to coach through this journey. In such a busy lifestyle and so much on his plate, one of the biggest things we coached him through was how to do LESS but focus on the right things to help move him forward. This allowed him to continually drop bodyfat, increase his energy drastically and get rid of that constant bloated feeling.

Nicole Went From 900cal restrictive Diet to 3x the food and inches of the Waist

Client testimonal ONE YEAR after the program (we want long term results!!).

Nicole will always be one of the hardest workers in the room. But after working with multiple coaches and finding herself backed into a corner eating under 1300 cals not losing weight, she knew the "eat less, train more" approach was not working. Within WEEKS of working with me we doubled her energy, sleep quality and kick-started her fat loss again.

She shares so much on how holistic her results were, so make sure to watch this to the end!!

Grant Lost over 20kg & Counting

Grant is an action taker. If got stuck in right away, made the changes, asked the questions, and got the results. It's that simple. He has made some awesome changes and we have done it in a slow in steady way so that he can maintain this long term.

Stronger, leaner and more confident - 10kg down after already dropping 20kg!

Jo has been one of our longest standing members, working with us for nearly 5 years now. What we have accomplish has ranged from droping 10kilos and getting stage ready (after already being through a weigh loss journey and feeling stuck) to simply easing back and learning to progress with training without constant dieitng or max effort every day. Our motto with Jo: "Your ability to progress is in direct proportion with your ability to rest".

Better Gut, Better Energy, Better Consistency

Graeme didn't simply come into the program for one thing, we were simply looking for a full body and energy upgrade and WE GOT IT. Big changes to his digestion, energy, motivation to train and so much more!

"You've Change my life!'

Sophie had been through all the diets before but had never found a way to be fully in control and her energy was suffering. She said she has gone from a 0 to a 9 out of 10 most days in energy!

No more bloating!

Kay was already training regularly and getting ready for an endurance event, but she'd had enough of the constant low energy and bloating holding her back from looking and feeling her best.

Turned My whole life around

Anna had a full life upgrade in the program (her words). Irregular sleeping patterns, on medication for anxiety and very little exercise. We dove deep into all areas, mindset, energy, nutrition and so much more.

Less Fat, MORE Energy, NO Medications For Brett

Brett came in after seeing plenty of programs and posts about programs online. But he could tell we were difference from the start. I took the time to walk him through some steps on our initial call and from day 1 we walked him through the holistic nature of his symptoms. His progress after 3 months while stuck in lockdown was great to see, which drastic reductions in gut issues, body fat AND depression medications while also massively increasing his energy and general well-being.

"I got back that smile back on my face that i'd lost"

Jo is a high performer with lots on her plate which was starting to take a toll her on her health and body. She became more aware of her energy, stress and how she fuels her body so that she could overcome the anxiety, headaches and general sluggishness she was struggling with.

Jerome Lost more than just 10kg... He added 5-10yrs to his LIFE!

I was quite emotional after seeing how much Jerome got out of this program. Not only did he lose over 10kg and 15+cm off his waist, he easily added nearly a decade to his life expectancy. His liver markers were off the charts and within a few short months we were able to get them back in to a normal range along with balance out his hormones. If that wasn't enough, with the help of our mindset coach, turned his whole marrage around and brought a whole new quality of life.

"Exactly what I needed through menopause"

"Life changing is probably the best way to describe this program". Really enjoyed it, loved the mindset and accountability.

Enjoy time with family again after a long day

Getting his energy back up, remove lower back pain and acid reflux were all top foucs points. He quickly saw changes within WEEKS.

Blown away how quick and simple it worked

Needed to make a change, gut issues had been an issue for a long time, and body was slowing down. We made some big shifts and even got her to into weight training when she never thought she'd enjoy it!

Added 16kg (Yes Sixteen!!) Of Muscle naturally

Not all of us want to drop weight, sometimes we want to ADD muscle. Jacob was a great example of what is possible when you approach training and nutrition more effectively to add muscle!

"Best thing i've done for me!"

Sleeping through the night again, enjoying food again, completely shifted my enitre view of how I approach fitness, nutrition mindset and more.

Wade Lost Over 15kg And Built Back His Knee

Wade came in with plenty of injuries and years of minimal progress made. We focused on correcting these imbalances and building a strong foundation to get him moving forward while also losing 15kg+ when nothing before was shifting the weight before.

More energy, more control

Lynelle has struggled with Crohns disease for her whole life. She initially came to us for the gut health, but quickly discovered how much more we helped with - mindset, structure, life!

Never thought i'd shake the fatigue

Work, kids, life - just no energy to do it all. We broke it down for Jim to create a success plan get his body back on his side!

Tackling menopause

Joannes body was not working like it used to be. We dove deep into her biology to help rebuild her hormones, drop the bodyfat and feel her best.

Finally out of the rut

Got rid of reflux meds, over-drinking, and chronic inflammation all gone!

i am now on top of menopause

NO!! The Menopause Middle is catching up. For some of us like Jean, we never had to worry about weight and then suddenly, WHAT!! We helped Jean drop the extra around the waist and feel control of her body again.

I finally feel in control of my gut

"I've been through everything to fix my gut, and when I came across you guys I knew you really took a different approach but had a solid scientific backing in what you did. And it's been everything I hoped it would be and more!"

completely removed my anxiety

So much better than anything I've ever done before. Integrated the nutrition, breathing, accountability, mindset, routines and so much more was exactly what I needed in the right amounts at the right time.

Fuel The Day & The Weight Drops Off!

Sick of what he was doing, overweight, drinking every day and just felt crap. After improving his structure, gut health and stress resilience the weight just dropped off him, energy was consistenly high and drive was breakfast!

Life Long Gut Issues GONE

Amie had tried all the common diets to fix her gut but she was getting nowhere. Through our R4 Method we were able to uncover the root cause of her gut issues by looking at the full picture.

Finally Get On Top Of Your Body, Energy & Health

We help individuals like you every day drastically improve the quality and LENGTH of their lives by getting their body back on their side.

Science backed strategies broken down into real life applicable steps so that you're never stuck in this rut again.

You have access to our specialist coaches for 1:1 calls in nutrition, training and mindset to construct your personal blueprint.

Dive deeper into why your body is not functioning at it's best. Health ALWAYS comes before performance.

Real whole food approach, no masses of useless supplements and funky diets. Long term sustainability is what we are all about.

Available from anywhere. Get access to our MP app to track progress and get feedback from coaches all the way through the program.

No more confusing cookie cutters. Real time, relevant action steps for where you are right now.

Take The First Step

I hope you found these testimonials insightful. We know our program is awesome and worldclass, but sometimes it's good to hear from other people too 🙂

If you're interested in working with us or finding out more, schedule a call below. On this free call we can help identify what is really holding you back and apply our process to you to help you move forward.

Then if we find you are a good fit and you want to hear more, we can walk you through what it would look like to work with us - if not, you will still get MASSIVE clarity on your next steps from this call.

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