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Kurt Walter
Kurt Walter
21 October 2023
What a great team of committed individuals! A step by step approach to help out busy people with making a better long term healthy decisions for the future. Well done
Steve Mclean
Steve Mclean
16 October 2023
All I can say is fantastic
David Frith
David Frith
27 June 2023
The Body Reset has given me the ability to live a long, healthy and mentally strong life. This is not a fad diet or quick fix. It is a long term lifestyle that has helped me implement small achievable habits resulting in permanent and sustainable weight loss, increase strength, amazing energy, quality sleep and a clear and stress free mind. The program, coaches and systems are outstanding and set you up to become self motivated and understand your own body. Thoroughly recommend.
Michelle Fey
Michelle Fey
18 June 2023
Totally enjoyed being put on the right track to lose weight and feel fab again.
Kathy Walsh
Kathy Walsh
14 February 2023
Best health program I have ever done. These guys know their stuff and are brilliant to work with. Do it!! 😆
Gregory Mills
Gregory Mills
17 January 2023
What I love about Body Reset is the incredibly good information that is provided to us. There is expert information on exercise, diet, sleep, relaxation, and so much more. Plus, we have a coach who checks in with us and an app which encourages us to be accountable, to ourselves. What's even more important, is that I trust the Body Reset team, because I believe they are genuine in their intentions to help their clients reach their highest goals in becoming healthy and vibrant.
28 December 2022
Fantastic program - highly recommend
Klaus Haertel
Klaus Haertel
6 December 2022
Excellent program to increase your energy levels and become more healthy. Heavy focus on mindset and anything enabling long-term sustainable, incremental positive changes.
Sean Lowe
Sean Lowe
6 December 2022
Never been involved in such a WHOLE program such as this. Proffesional.
Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris
23 November 2022
Nearly 16 weeks in and this journey has been life changing. This is the first time in over 20 years that I’ve been successful in reducing weight and improving my health. It isn’t a diet or a fad… it truly is a well supported lifestyle change. Small steps towards big goals, so glad I started.

World Leading Experts In A Optimizing Health Over 40

By upgrading your gut health and removing these "Health Anchors" we can elevate your performance, increase your energy and upgrade your body by simply getting your body back on your side!

All day energy

Get your body back on your side so you can show up sharper, happier and more effective.

More adventures

Never let your body or energy be the reason you don't get the most out of life.

Your Personal Blueprint

Have the experts in your corner to optimise your approach right down to a cellular level

Want to feel lighter, sharper and healthier?

We've helped over 2500 1-on-1 clients at this point. We have dialled in the Reset Method to be as effective as possible to upgrade your energy, mood and ultimately quality of life by removing these health anchors dragging you down. 

If you want to feel in control of your body again, understand how to eat in later life to stay sharp and energetic, not to mention keep your work and mental capacity as high as possible, there is simply no one else who has the 3 Pillars of Health covered like us.

This is NOT another diet, this is a full service health coaching program made around YOU!

Apply Now For A Free Coaching Call With Our Team & Get Access To $1000 Worth Of Training For FREE Just For Showing up!

Understand exactly where your body and energy are getting in the way.
Help isolate what is causing it and help show you where to start
Help construct a roadmap of what you want to achieve and in what time frame this target is achievable (sustainably).
If you are a good fit we can show you how we can help you get there. If not, we will make sure to advise on the best solution forward regardless.

About the founder - Olly

Health & Fitness Expert

After a decade working in the personal health coaching industry I have developed the Body Reset Model to help my clients get their body and energy back on their side.

After nearly 10 years working with busy professionals like you and helping them take back control of their body... I've discovered a few common traps most busy professionals get caught up (and stay stuck) in when it comes to their training and overall approach over 40.

Reality is... you're most likely blocked by something that has nothing to do with the amount of exercise you're doing or the calories you're consuming.

When my clients finally discover these hidden blocks... they go on to see results faster than they imagined possible (most of them couldn't believe how quickly their energy SKY rocketed and their shape drastically changed... while doing LESS "work.")

If you're ready to have a personal roadmap built out for you, apply for a free coaching call with us below, very limited spots available.

In your corner,


Founder of Body Reset


Off meds and full of energy!

Better sleep, skin and energy!

"I didn't think I would reach 65"

From constant dieting to food freedom

Down 13kg in 10 weeks while eating more

"Everything else failed, this worked!"

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm based in Australia/Canada/United States - can I still join?

Our program is 100% online, so location is not an issue, however time zone is our only consideration. We currently work with clients in Aus, NZ, Canada & USA primarily as these time zones work very well.

I'm over 40 or 50 years old, will this still work?

Yes! We specialise in working with people over 40. That is what we do every day (and we're really good at it).

I've tried diets/PTs/programs in the past, how is this different?

"If Body Reset can't fix ya, nobody can! They just help you from every angle. Nutrition, training, mindset, sleep, the whole lot!" - Scott (BR Member).
We have a world class expert team that have created sometime truly special. We help support you in seamless, full integrative health approach to get your body, energy and mind back on track.

How do I sign up?

We are not here to take your money. We want you to be a good fit first, we want to KNOW we can help. There are also a couple different options we offer. To make this super simple, we do this through a 1:1 call via zoom with one of our specialists.

On this call we will help uncover your main obstacles and help construct some clear steps to help you move forward. From here we can walk you through what working with us might look like and level of support you would get alongside it.

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