3 Pitfalls Of Success:

1. Worrying about the opinion of others while pursuing your goals.

2. Knowing where to look for the RIGHT information

2. Patiently Impatient – Half the battle is turning up

Others Opinions Are In Your Way (biggy)

80% of people don’t care you have problems and the other 20% are glad you have them. This is a bold statement but I want you to take into account that complaining about what you don’t have will not get you closer to having it.

So many people in the world people are stuck in a “victim” view of the world. Everything happens to them, they aren’t controlling their life and they complain about why things aren’t the way they should be. This is at least 70-80% of the world these days, and I guarantee are the same people that are always struggling, never really making any progress.

If you are reading this and getting defensive and thinking up what to write back to me on why this is an unfair view on the world, take a good look in the mirror. The people that are successful in life are ones that set a direction in which they want to go, surround themselves with success, and TURN UP.

They set up a plan and they do their very best to keep these main priorities in the forefront of their brain. No this isn’t a straight road. But making it a priority to achieve it and have a big enough WHY behind it will mean that regards of the conditions, you will find a way to get it done. This is what will keep you on track. Even if unmotivated, limited on time or money, they are all reasons why you are still not where you want to be. But if that WHY is big enough, you will find a way to get there.

A lot of the time people follow a path because they have been labeled as THAT person that is good at a particular task or fits that particular image. It is in view of someone else, this shouldn’t distinguish your life path. If you had an unclear self-image or path, this can be something you followed or became purely out of uncertainty of your own path. But letting life happen to you will surely lead to you blaming someone else because your stuck in a place you didn’t want to be.

Knowing What To Focus On

Fitness is one of the biggest industries out there. It comes with one of the highest levels of different ideals, opinions and how to’s, everyone is an expert. There is a lot of conflicting and uneducated messages that get absorbed. But our ability to be able to build your own wall of knowledge that can help you sift through the BS will leave you a lot more educated and successful.

What I focus on with all my coaching clients, is educating people with WHERE to look to find the most accurate, useful and applicable information to accelerate their individual goals. Through “in the trenches” experience and working with THE best in the industry, this knowledge becomes a process of knowing WHERE to look and WHAT to focus on. I emphasize this because there is a ton of info out there, so it’s not a matter of more info, but knowing what to hone in on and apply and what to disregard.

Patiently Impatient Or Impatiently Patient?

Someone who is successful and has this “get shit done” mentality will come across an opportunity and immediately start. But will be patient with process and take the time to follow through. Whereas the other will come across the opportunity and will find a way to delay starting this as the have “too much on their plate”.

Someone who is going to be in shape this summer is someone that started last summer and was consistent and patient with the process. Whereas the patiently impatient individual will still be out of shape. They currently have “too much going on” and will delay and delay because of work or study or whatever seems the most valid to them at the time. They will also shoot themselves in the foot when they do eventually start. They are impatient with the results, one good workout will not reverse years of poor eating habits.

If there is a goal in mind or something you want to achieve then something needs to be done towards that goal TODAY. Not in the weekend or at the end of the quarter, because it becomes all too easy for the next excuse to take its place. Life does not wait for anyone and the only one that will reap the rewards is the person that started today, not tomorrow.

If you’re ready to step up and take control of your body. Lets book in a coaching call so we can talk 1on1 about what you’re struggling with and find the ultimate game plan for your physique.

All the best in fitness and health,


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  1. Got it, i think?, be patient, eat better and eat more whole foods, make those decisions at the right time that will constitute better outcomes based on the body signals and allowances. Make Energy levels go throughout the whole day not just for and hour or so. No sugars or processed food, will see how we go.

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