December Reveals Lifelong Habits

December is the great revealer… If health is something you think you HAVE to do, there are so many opportunities to lean out this time of year. End-of-year school events, work functions, catch-ups. Busy, busy, busy. If health is something you WANT to do, there are so many opportunities to lean in this time of … Read more

The Gap

Between where you are now and the goal you have set for yourself, there is a gap. Everybody has goals, aspirations, and dreams, yet there seems to be less and less that have the ability to build the bridge, walk over it and reach their end goal. Today, I want to go through the 3 … Read more

Avoiding the slippery slopes of depression

Depression is now the LEADING disability around the world… with Aus and NZ men leading the charge, and unfortunately, no signs of slowing down. Now I want to give my take on this, because hopefully I can shine some light on these issues that can help someone who feels like this is an insurmountable object. … Read more

Why Goal Setting Has Held You Back

How this one small shift can help you be WILDLY successful in 4 simple steps Have you given up on goal setting because you never quite reach the desired outcome? Do you constantly feel LESS than what you feel you should have achieved by now? Or is it simply that you’ve had the goal to … Read more

Bridging The Gap

I have written this article for the high performers that feel they have lost that “fire” and motivation to workout and stay in shape. As you could imagine I get a lot of men say when they talk to me on zoom that they haven’t been as consistent as they’d like. They feel like motivation … Read more

Have a plan, have a reason

Have a plan, have a reason What is your purpose of today’s workout, what is your overall goal? No matter what gym you are apart of you will see this lacking in the majority of gym goers. I think that at least 50% of these people have their goal somewhere in there head but they … Read more

Society doesn’t know what good feels like

Society doesn’t know what good feels like Majority of people don’t know what feeling good really feels like…This is something i have told clients over and over again when we attempt to change their diet. First step is just being aware of what you are eating, that’s it! Doesn’t matter what diet you are on, … Read more

Health is the new Wealth

Health is the new Wealth This is phrase i read in a book i am currently reading and it has been stuck in my head all week. What is the point have a million dollar salary if you are always working? How do you enjoy this, how do you justify all your time being spent … Read more