Society doesn’t know what good feels like

Majority of people don’t know what feeling good really feels like…This is something i have told clients over and over again when we attempt to change their diet. First step is just being aware of what you are eating, that’s it! Doesn’t matter what diet you are on, if you are able to be aware of what you are eating, it has been shown over and over that you will get results. With the huge amount of garbage that is available to eat on the go, if you are not aware of whats in it, you will get nowhere fast. Its incredible how good and how bad you can make your body feel, just on food alone, let alone bringing alcohol into this equation as well.

Something i want you to try, unless you are a very athletic, skinny 20 year old that never has seen fat on his body. I want you to try a high fat, high protein and low carbohydrate breakfast. That’s it, we wont add any fancy tricks or “super-foods”. What this will do is allow you to continue fat burning throughout the day for longer, keep you on a much more sustainable and consistent energy supply, stay full for longer and significantly improve your hormone profile.

If it doesn’t work for you then great, at least you became aware of what your body felt like but at least try this consistently for at least 4 weeks. For most this will be roughly be 20-30g fat, 10-20g protein, which if you don’t want to calculate could be a three eggs omelette with some cheese and avocado. I want you to feel how GOOD your body can really feel, rather than consistent fighting itself to find any decent nutrition in the food you eat.

As you read this, I want you to imagine the body that you are currently aiming of achieving. If you cant visualize that then this is the first step, if you know this but are struggling to reach it, then you are on the right track reading this article. What do you currently do every day to achieve this? Do you run out of time or dont know what to eat to effective make the most of your training? 
Leave a comment telling me what the hard part is for you. But if you don’t have a plan or worse, you don’t have a goal in the first place, you are going nowhere fast.

If you are clear on this goal but need some direction from someone that has full investment into getting you there, check out my coaching section to see where i can help.

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