Have a plan, have a reason

What is your purpose of today’s workout, what is your overall goal? No matter what gym you are apart of you will see this lacking in the majority of gym goers. I think that at least 50% of these people have their goal somewhere in there head but they continue to head to the gym without a plan, or at the other extreme, the same program they have had for the last 3 years. I think magazines have their pace, and you can get very good ideas to put into your workouts. But this is still not structure.

One of the first thing fitness professional qualifications go over is the importance of setting these goals. The knowledge they then learn to help you in the gym becomes a lot more relevant as they can build that program around a goal. So i you cant remember the last time you changed things up or even put a plan together before walking in, use our personal trainer matching service for free to build an understanding of how to put together a plan. It will benefit you long after you finish with the trainer.
Most trainers will do a free session to take you through some of these techniques so give it a try, you have nothing to lose!

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