Transforming someone’s body, first starts with changing their mind.

I was recently asked on a podcast interview: “What changes first, the body or the mind?”

I immediately said the mind.


The reason Body Reset is shaking up the “diet” industry is because se are not pushing one “diet” as the way to magically transform your body.

Yes we make adjustments based on what fuel might work best, but that’s layer 1 of 100.

The goal with Body Reset is to build the SKILLSET of health, not just drop a couple kilos.

I’ve always said that my biggest failure would be for you to drop 10kg just to put it back on – like most diets.

And this is why shifting mindset was an easy answer for me.

Not because it’s obvious, but because I know this MUST shift in order for someone to keep the results long term.

At Body Reset we focus on getting the body HEALTHY first.

  • Your internal chatter
  • Your unwind habits
  • Your gut health
  • Even redefining your version of success.

These all become incredibly important as you start to shift your entire mentality towards your relationship with your body.

Ask yourself these two questions about your fitness goal:

Why did you set your goal in the first place?

And how is this going to improve your life once your reach it?

It’s probably going to be more along the lines of how do you FEEL once you get there?

The trouble is, the way most people approach health is through restriction and discipline.

That’s not how I want to define my version of health… I want it to be fun and enriching to the rest of my life, not restrictive!

So instead it becomes a conversation of realigning these values and goals with your version of health.

For me I want to fuel my body with nourishing foods so I’m full of energy and focused all day and I want to move and challenge my body so my body never holds me back from that weekend adventure.

That’s my definition, take some time to define yours.

The more you do, the more you’ll see how we’ve defined Body Reset and Mastery to achieve these goals.

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  1. My plan is to lose weight, fix my leg and arm issues and get back to a condition I feel happy with. I am loving my workouts now I have structure and guidance, without it I was just turning up and not all the time either. Now I have a set plan, it gives me a lot more drive to turn up and push hard. In the short time I can feel my body starting to change for the better.

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