I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the one and only Naomi Simson, most commonly known as one of the Sharks from Shark Tank AU, and founder of Red Balloon. A renowned entrepreneur and business leader, I found myself drawn in to her casual yet direct communication style and way of protecting her personal space to show up as her best. With over two decades of entrepreneurial journey under her belt, Naomi shared valuable insights on navigating the complexities of business ownership and protecting her personal health along the way.

Purpose and self-awareness 

From the outset, Naomi talks to me about the importance of understanding one’s purpose and leveraging personal strengths. She articulated the significance of identifying one’s “secret sauce” – the unique value that each person brings to their relationships and endeavors. Self-awareness and authenticity are two character traits that are essential in the corporate space. Naomi recognizes that there is so much power in aligning personal values with professional pursuits.

Creating long-term value 

Naomi’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of purpose-driven entrepreneurship. As she recounted her experiences with founding and scaling Red Balloon, she explained to us creating long-term value for all stakeholders. Rejecting the notion of short-term gains and quick fixes, Naomi advocated for a strategic, long-term approach rooted in creating meaningful impact. I think we can all resonate with this in one way or another, losing sight of our long-term success for the short-term quick fixes. But to recognize how rewarding and purposeful the long-term goal will be. 

Curiosity and continuous learning 

Naomi also points out to me the value of curiosity and asking powerful questions. To be a powerful leader you must be asking questions, curating curiosity and continuously learning. What stuck with me was; “We are so busy in action, we are not creating.” She explained business owners can empower their teams and unlock new possibilities for growth. This emphasis on curiosity as a driving force behind innovation left a lasting impression on me, serving as a reminder to embrace a mindset of lifelong learning.

What does success look like to Naomi? 

This is one question I always like to finish a podcast with, and some of the most successful people I interview generally come to me with a similar answer that has nothing to do with the number in your bank account or the number of assets you have. Naomi answered this question by saying; “power over my time.” Naomi eloquently described success as having the autonomy to choose where to allocate one’s energy and focus. This notion of personal autonomy which many of us busy professionals and business owners can relate to. Where is that time block, where do you fit in your day? Maintaining control over one’s life amidst the hustle and bustle of entrepreneurship.

Naomi’s journey as a business owner exemplifies staying true to your values and through her experiences and perspectives, she offered a roadmap for success rooted in purpose, authenticity, and continuous growth.

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