I have written this article for the high performers that feel they have lost that “fire” and motivation to workout and stay in shape.

As you could imagine I get a lot of men say when they talk to me on zoom that they haven’t been as consistent as they’d like. They feel like motivation is something they really struggle with and that they aren’t able to stay consistent because of this and that.

In this article, I want to arm you with a tool that I have only recently in the last 10-12 months been utilizing with my private clients that has allowed them to upgrade their long term DRIVE to stay in shape simply because of this small switch.

If you’re a high performer at ANY level, part of your identity in life is to feel like you’re progressing, growing and continuing to move forward to become your best. This is why I hold fitness SO highly, not simply because of the physical, but for what it does to your mental state to be able to develop the skills and virtues to succeed in all other areas.

So if keeping your health and body in check is such an integral part of a purposeful and fulfilled life, why is it that we so often let it fall by the wayside?

Even though it’s important, without this one TOOL we very rarely make the association between staying healthy and fit, and how it impacts the rest of your life. 

However, I GUARANTEE that is showing up in every other area of your life, your confidence, connection with your partner and family, your work performance, your ability to make the most out of a holiday, the list goes on…

So what is this TOOL and how can I apply it to me?

The way you approach life is through a set of ingrained habits, beliefs and skill sets. And these habits have both served you and held you back to this point.

What is one area that you feel has really held you back from success, or simply progress in your work, family connection or personal fulfillment?

This might be something like patience, confidence, attention to detail, consistency, etc.

Whatever that one thing is for you (we spend time diving into this to find something truly important to our clients) it is not always obvious, but even simply building the skill of awareness may be your biggest linchpin.

We then need to connect this skill set or virtue to an anchor that allows you to build and improve this and in-turn upgrade other areas of your life. By associating certain qualities of life/work/relationships (things we hold highly) towards your approach and follow through with exercise and nourishing your body.

We are literally changing your IDENTITY through these daily routines and habits that will in-turn grow this internal muscle of the qualities we look to improve. 


-Attention to detail at work can be “trained” by how they approach training sequence.

-Patience can be trained through progression or even rest times.

-Consistency with training can be directly linked to your ability to perform at work.

-Confidence can be training by always being prepared and going in with a plan.

What you will see from me is that body optimization is NEVER just the physical. It is the ability to build this awareness of the interconnectedness of your daily habits and actions, and your unique ability to upgrade everything in your life through this “anchoring” of qualities you wish to grow through the physical output.

So ask yourself, and take the time to accept an honest reply. What is a quality or virtue in your life that has held you back from being your best, and how can you anchor this to the betterment of your personal health in order to elevate both?

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  1. From a presentation I attended through work

    Over time;
    Our beliefs become our thoughts
    Our thoughts become our words
    Our words become our actions
    Our actions become our habits
    Our habits become our values.


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