Depression is now the LEADING disability around the world… with Aus and NZ men leading the charge, and unfortunately, no signs of slowing down.

Now I want to give my take on this, because hopefully I can shine some light on these issues that can help someone who feels like this is an insurmountable object.

In all honesty, I really struggle to find a way to be positive and constructive on a topic like this. But I feel so deeply about the lack of clarity on the subject. I know why you feel everything is working against you if you’re already falling down this path and don’t have a clear direction to keep you on track.

So to help you move forward I want to start with 2 key drivers that need to be taken into account and then give you three action steps to build on.

Your hormones and gut health are two KEY parts of living a full and vibrant life.

And sadly, EVERYTHING in today’s society deteriorates these.

Even the depression medication given to these patients is some of the worse shit you can take for suppressing testosterone – without testosterone, your sense of well-being is destroyed along with your strength, sex drive and general health.

In regards to gut health, over 90% of your serotonin production is made in the gut, so if things aren’t healthy in there, then you are going to feel low. If you’ve had a long string of antibiotics or surgeries, this is only amplified – and as usual, these “side-effects” are not given any thought of an rebuild protocol to get you healthy again.

Now I don’t want to just bag on the medical system, because at the end of the day, this is still your body and your decision to look after it or not. But when you are being told so many different things, or simply not being told at all – I want to give some clear action steps to get you back on your feet.


If you feel low, reaching for the cookies or lollies that only push you further down this rabbit hole. You NEED to cut the shit and start to reintroduce whole foods or your body does not stand a chance. Gut bacteria govern how we look and feel, we literally become the food we eat – if you eat shit, you look and feel like shit.


Secondly you need to challenge yourself daily. It is ridiculous to me how comfort driven today’s society is. Society has got to the point that sweating and grunting (within reason) are bad – these are signs of EFFORT, and without them, you will live a very shallow life.

There is a reason that the happiest people have been through the most struggle and why the kids that have been given everything on a wooden spoon are constantly unhappy and “looking for the meaning of life”. The meaning of life is FOUND in the struggle, but for many, perspective keeps them from truly living.


I would be doing a disservice if I did not add mindfulness to this list. We are so automatic with everything that we do. Over 90% of our day is unconscious, those mindless habits are sabotaging you at every corner. Bring a level of mindfulness and curiosity back to the way you go through your day and you might just pick up on why you feel down, bloated or tired all the time. Things like sunlight and breathing are SUCH crucial parts of a health, happy life yet ALWAYS overlooked.

If you found this little post helpful, but you want to know more on how to get your mood, health and ultimately life back in alignment, then I’d love for you to reach out and I will help in any way I can. 

Stay strong and look after yourself, otherwise you are of very little use to others.


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