Between where you are now and the goal you have set for yourself, there is a gap.

Everybody has goals, aspirations, and dreams, yet there seems to be less and less that have the ability to build the bridge, walk over it and reach their end goal.

Today, I want to go through the 3 key areas I feel people inhibit themselves from crossing that bridge.


When you plant a tree today and wake up tomorrow and you don’t see it sprouting and get angry, we would call that silly. It will take time.

If you invest in the stock market in hopes of a retirement fund, you don’t expect your millions tomorrow. It takes time.

There are a thousand examples of this in the world that all logically make sense however when it comes to our own personal health, it seems we forget this.

We pay some money, we get excited, we eat a salad. Then when we wake up the following morning and don’t have a six pack we get disgruntled.

The expectation of quick results in this industry is unbelievable. The entitlement of what we “should” have got by now because of a couple clean meals is ridiculous.

We know this timeframe is silly, we need to reset expectations internally before we can be happy with them externally. If you keep self sabotaging your long term results by trying to use short term fixes, you will get nowhere fast.

Comfort in discomfort

If you want to progress towards any goal, you must be ok with one simple fact.

You don’t currently have the skillset to achieve the goal – you have weaknesses you must address.

Now there are two options when you see this.

You get uncomfortable and disregard it.

This means you will always struggle to progress past a couple weeks because you are not willing to change, or find where you could get better. This is an ego problem, you attach your self worth to feeling in control rather than the excitement of seeing your flaws and the path to improving them. Therefore you continue to stab in the dark with new “tricks” and “hacks” to get a short term dopamine hit without actually moving forward. The trouble is, this world is full of them, so you will be kept entertained and running around in circles until you are ready to face the truth.

You get excited and realise you can get better.

This is where true change happens. This is where you look at yourself in the mirror. You see where you are lacking, and this gives you clear direction on what you can improve next. Rather than letting this bring you down, you realise that this gives you focus, it gives you power, because you know that is the only way to truly move forward and bridge the gap. Find comfort in knowing your weakness, because without them, you wouldn’t know how to progress.

Patiently impatient vs. impatiently patient

If I told you needed to make $10k by tomorrow, that would be a very different way of accumulation than if I told you needed to make $200k in 5yrs. The approach would be VERY different. The goal is the same, but the approach is very different. As mentioned earlier, most people are trying to find short term fixes to long term problems (or goals).

We see this every day inside our Meta Project community. Within 2 weeks I can see if someone is going to thrive in the program by one simple observation.

Did they get stuck into the week 1 material right away, start implementing, then come back with a couple key questions in week 2? Or did they skip the initial content, delay implementation and come back in week 2 feeling lost and overwhelmed?

A client who will win has this “get shit done” mentality will come across an opportunity to get better and immediately start. But will be patient with the process and take the time to follow through (impatient to start, but patient with results). Whereas another client will come across the same opportunity and will find a way to delay starting as they’re “busy” – simply put, the discomfort of starting is greater than the possibility of moving forward. Yet they will get a couple weeks in and wonder why the results aren’t there (patient/delaying starting, impatient with results).

The person who is going to be in shape this summer is someone that started last summer and was consistent and patient with the process. Whereas the patiently impatient individual will still be out of shape. They currently have “too much going on” and will delay and delay because of work or family or whatever seems the most valid to them at the time. They will also shoot themselves in the foot when they do eventually start. They are impatient with the results, one good workout will not reverse years of poor eating habits.

If there is a goal in mind or something you want to achieve then something needs to be done towards that goal TODAY. Not on the weekend or at the end of the quarter, because it becomes all too easy for the next excuse to take its place. Life does not wait for anyone and the only one that will reap the rewards is the person that started today, not tomorrow.

All in all, remember reaching new goals requires reaching a new level of you – new skill sets, new habits, new mindsets. All of that will be new, all of that will be uncomfortable. Realise that the growth is found in the discomfort, so make sure you have someone in your corner to help guide you through this. They won’t do it for you, but they can help give you the right steps to implement to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Final thoughts: You can run as hard as you like, but if you are going the wrong way, you’ll still get nowhere fast.

If you want help creating this blueprint with your own personal health, book in for a 1:1 expert coach call here so we get a better idea of if and how we could help.

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