The Seven System Spoilers

My goal is to help you get back your energy, in a body you feel GOOD in. To do that, we go MUCH deeper than just exercising or eating less. We want to make sure you get your body back on your side, and to do that, we need all your hormones, organs and GUT working with you. I want to walk you through the top 7 System Spoilers making it so damn hard for you to look and feel your best! 

  1. Broad Spectrum Antibiotics.

While antibiotics can be life saving drugs. They are being haphazardly used in less severe situations which decimate your gut bacteria. Not just the bad guys, but the good ones too! Now this isn’t just happening through prescription drugs, this is increasingly becoming an issue through conventionally raised meats. Animals are being fed antibiotics to keep them alive and fattening them up quicker to be ready for production. Being aware of not just what you eat, but what you eat… eats, is also very important. Just like the animals, consuming these antibiotics will not only impact your gut bacteria, but also make it easier to put on weight.

  1. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS)

Pain relievers are becoming so popular that they are nearly becoming a daily occurrence for society. Aside from the fact that people are becoming so oblivious to the fact that something is wrong, and rather than investigating, they simply pop a pill. The other HUGE issue is the impact this has on the liver and gut lining. Because most of this damage is down in the small intestine and colon this is not able to be discovered through a standard gastroscopy procedure because this only goes as far as the stomach, so doctors continue to disregard these impacts. Ironically, these are supposed to be anti-inflammatory drugs, yet they are causing MORE inflammation further down in the system, causing more pain, and making you reach for the next one… Not so great for you, just good for drug company bottom lines.

  1. Stomach-acid Blockers

Omeprazole and others are common PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) which are used to reduce the stomach acid in your stomach. You might think this is a good thing, but stomach acid is crucial for your body to not only digest food, but neutralise harmful bacteria. Instead of learning what foods are causing issues in our gut, AGAIN we are looking for a pill to pop as an alternative.This is a double whammy if you are over 40, as we tend to have lower stomach acid as we age (which we are lowering further) and we naturally have lower protein digestion, which these PPIs inhibit further too.

  1. Artificial Sweeteners

We look at sweeteners like the “free calories” or sugar alternative that we can have all day with no repercussions. But as many “dieters” might have experienced. If you start swapping real food for fake foods with sweeteners your gut is not happy. Not only do they destroy your gut bacteria, they also reinforce the strong signals from the brain to seek out more sweet stuff and make it easier to gain weight. So while you think you are doing “good” by choosing sweeteners over normal sugar, you are (in most cases), making things worse down the track. If you are going to have sweeteners, stick to monk fruit, inulin, stevia, erythritol or xylitol, your gut will thank you.

  1. Endocrine Disruptors

These are chemicals that are interfering with your hormones. This is becoming a HUGE issue not only in reproductive health (male and female), but also causing a mountain of issues, including but not restricted to diabetes, cancer, disrupted thyroid function, and obesity. With such a huge push commercially to make this cheaper, quicker and packaged, our biggest culprits here are plastics, personal care products (like sanitisers, sunscreen and toothpaste), household cleaning products and food packagings like cling wrap and plastic containers. Remember your skin is like a sieve, it’s not just what you eat, but also what is absorbed through your skin that can significantly impact how your body (and your hormones) function.

  1. Blue Light

Our clients know how much I bang on about this one, mainly because it’s significant impacts on sleep. Our bodies and optic nerves are getting constant signals from the lights we are exposed to. Normally, with sun exposure, we would have more blue light in the sun in the morning to wake us up and over the course of the day, this would move to less blue and more red light and naturally dimming into the night. This would give our bodies the natural signals to wake up and when to start getting ready for bed. Unfortunately, for most of us, we spend 90% of our day under artificial lights. This completely disrupts our natural circadian rhythm and we not only find it hard to get a good night’s sleep, but also take much longer to feel energised (if at all), in the morning.

  1. Round Up

I already touched on farming practices in regards to the antibiotics use, but round up and herbicides are causing all sorts of scary health problems. The reason this stuff is used is very simple: it allows crops to grow without being eaten by bugs or surrounded by weeds, but the way they are doing it is by poisoning everything enough that the weeds won’t grow and the bugs won’t eat it. Yet… we will??

Some foods are much more exposed to this than others. There is a “Dirty Dozen” listed every year that helps you identify the most common culprits here, but some common ones are Strawberries, Spinach, Kale, Nectarines, Apples, Tomatoes, Celery. These are all great nutritious foods, yet what they are sprayed with is overshadowing any benefits you might gain. Make sure to buy these organic or at very minimum give them a good wash before consuming.

Remember, if you aren’t taking these things into account yet, GREAT~ That means you have a huge opportunity to improve how you feel in your own skin now that you know what might be working against you and ruining not just your gut, but how your whole body functions.

With so much confusion around food and health, it can feel impossible to get on top of this stuff as it feels everything is working against you – don’t worry, I have felt that EXACT thing, hence why I am on a mission to simplify it and help you get your body back. 

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