Qualifications aren’t everything

I was having a very in depth chat with one of my clients this morning about the legitimacy of qualifications in particular in the fitness (and photography) industry. If you have studied bio-mechanics but have never put this new found knowledge to use, in my opinion there is no tangible skill set. Having the experience in the field is something I have learnt to respect more and more as i have gained it. If you don’t know how things are applied to the real world, then the information is pretty useless.

However judging the quality of an expert by amount of years they have trained can be just as destructive. There are many experts claiming 15 years of experience, but how many quality years of understanding, investment and learning went into that? I will be the first to adjust my methods if I find something else works better. Finding someone that is equally invested into learning from the authorities as you are I think is a big upside!

The reason I share this is because there are many ‘gurus’ and experts that will all tell you contradicting methodologies. This is usually for their own financial gain and leaves people confused and demotivated as they are back to square one. The first thing you need to ask yourself is, are they in shape and walking the talk? Second question should be are they backing up there methods or avoiding the ‘why’? If you take a step back and ask these two questions you will have a much clearer understanding of fitness, and realize that half of these articles are written by out of shape keyboard warriors.

If you are looking at building a physique you are truly proud of and are heavily invested from learning from experts in the field, I have huge amount of respect for you. Investing into learning form people that know how to get you to where you want and are in the trenches as well will make the biggest difference to your progress!

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