Good vs. Great

If you’re training with enough consistency most people can make progress in the gym. Train a little harder, eat a little less (or more – depending on the goal) and MOST will see something change.  But after working with over 200 men looking to get in the best shape of their life, the willingness to … Read more

The 3 Ways You’re Sabotaging Fat Loss

When you are trying to lose fat it can feel like the world is working against you, and it is. In this article, I want to uncover 3 ways you are sabotaging yourself and how you can upgrade yourself and ENJOY this journey WARNING: These 3 points might cause you to question your whole world … Read more

How much should I exercise?

How often do I need to be exercising to get in great shape? Without using my normal answer – it depends. But for resistance training I am going to give you a range of 3-5 a week. – this could be anywhere from 60mins(3x20mins) to 5hrs total a week. Now there are probably going to … Read more

The 3 Common Pitfalls

I talk to individuals every week that are struggling with their training, energy and generally not feeling great in their own skin. In this post I am going to share 3 common pitfalls I see most that I’m sure many of you are making too. Problem No.1 – Calorie counting vs. finding the foods and … Read more

Letter To Millennials

Dear Millennial, You are perfect the way you are, but you can always be better…. We live in a world where everything is so instant. Everything EXCEPT the things that truly matter. There is a (perceived) pressure from every direction telling you that you need to act or be a certain way. This need to … Read more

What is the best diet to follow?

Today, I want to go through how to identify the best way of eating for you right now. I want to help remove the stress, lack of long-term results, and confusion that comes from this “diet culture” and instead create an understanding that will help you build your personal game plan. First I will start … Read more

The Missing Link In Building Symmetry and Size

If you are struggling to build a balanced and muscular physique, no matter how much you work or how many hours you put in. I KNOW this article is going to help by diving into a crucial aspect you are missing and why progress has stalled. Before we dive into the issue, we need to … Read more

Re-learn Your Definition Of Selfish

If you are having trouble hitting the goals you have set out for yourself, this article could very well uncover a BIG reason this is happening. I talk to so many good “intentioned” people that are fighting an unwinnable battle because their biggest enemy in the fight is THEMSELVES. If you feel that you are … Read more

The Sugar vs. Fat Debate

The fat vs. sugar breakdown Your gut is your second brain – if you want to improve your mood, your energy and your complete outlook on life, then improve your food choices. The fast, high-sugar foods can be massively hard to resist, especially if this is something you have struggled with in the past, but … Read more

Clearing The Way Through The Fitness BS

If you feel you are putting in 110% into your training, doing everything to get in shape but nothing will budge, this article is going to open your eyes and uncover where you might be shooting yourself in the foot. Let’s start with inflammation. Inflammation is neither good or bad. If you block inflammation post … Read more