Re-learn Your Definition Of Selfish

If you are having trouble hitting the goals you have set out for yourself, this article could very well uncover a BIG reason this is happening. I talk to so many good “intentioned” people that are fighting an unwinnable battle because their biggest enemy in the fight is THEMSELVES. If you feel that you are … Read more

The Sugar vs. Fat Debate

The fat vs. sugar breakdown Your gut is your second brain – if you want to improve your mood, your energy and your complete outlook on life, then improve your food choices. The fast, high-sugar foods can be massively hard to resist, especially if this is something you have struggled with in the past, but … Read more

Clearing The Way Through The Fitness BS

If you feel you are putting in 110% into your training, doing everything to get in shape but nothing will budge, this article is going to open your eyes and uncover where you might be shooting yourself in the foot. Let’s start with inflammation. Inflammation is neither good or bad. If you block inflammation post … Read more

3 Pitfalls Of Success

3 Pitfalls Of Success: 1. Worrying about the opinion of others while pursuing your goals. 2. Knowing where to look for the RIGHT information 2. Patiently Impatient – Half the battle is turning up Others Opinions Are In Your Way (biggy) 80% of people don’t care you have problems and the other 20% are glad … Read more

Mindfulness Training Is The Limiting Factor In Your Physical Training

  Mindfulness Training Is The Limiting Factor In Your Physical Training Mindfulness has been an increasingly popular topic no matter where you go. It is slowly getting away from the Wishy-washy stigma that held it down and is rising its head as depression and anxiety are at all-time highs and effect everyone at some level. … Read more

Chasing Two Rabbits

  Separate Training Goals If your trying to chase two training goals in the same workout, you will be massively impacting your progress. This has been my biggest realization in training, changing my focus from just more, to a very specific goal of every individual workout. If you learn how these different training stimuli affect … Read more

What does it take to build an online fitness presence?

What I want you to be able to differentiate by the end of this article is the difference between a social following that is built on egocentric attention compared to one built for client value-driven content. If you trying to market yourself and build a fitness following, do you want it built on their interest … Read more

What Bodybuilding & Yoga Have In Common

Society, in general, are very unaware of blatant messages their bodies are telling them. For them, it is simply a vehicle that is supposed to function while they continue their lives abusing it. Becoming aware of your body and learning how to look after it, so it functions and feels the way you want will … Read more

Bodybuilding Competition Checklist

Bodybuilding Competition Checklist What makes a successful bodybuilding competition prep…. The decision to take your body to a level of extreme conditioning while holding as much muscle as possible is not for the faint-hearted. For anyone that has got properly shredded, I have a large amount of respect for. It takes a serious amount of … Read more