What Bodybuilding & Yoga Have In Common

Society, in general, are very unaware of blatant messages their bodies are telling them. For them, it is simply a vehicle that is supposed to function while they continue their lives abusing it. Becoming aware of your body and learning how to look after it, so it functions and feels the way you want will … Read more

Bodybuilding Competition Checklist

Bodybuilding Competition Checklist What makes a successful bodybuilding competition prep…. The decision to take your body to a level of extreme conditioning while holding as much muscle as possible is not for the faint-hearted. For anyone that has got properly shredded, I have a large amount of respect for. It takes a serious amount of … Read more

How to stretch for optimal muscle growth

How to implement stretching for optimal muscle growth. As with any form of training, your specific goal should be taken into consideration. If this goes against your “special” training methods, that you will argue till the day you die, as you can’t open your mind to a different train of thought then don’t bother reading … Read more

Gym Etiquette Guide 101

As the new year rolls around all regular gym goers are dreading the masses that will flock to the gym with hopes of losing/gaining 30lbs with a touch of a dumbbell. To make this January go a little more smoothly, I have put together a quick list for the new or existing gym goers to … Read more

Have a plan, have a reason

Have a plan, have a reason What is your purpose of today’s workout, what is your overall goal? No matter what gym you are apart of you will see this lacking in the majority of gym goers. I think that at least 50% of these people have their goal somewhere in there head but they … Read more

Society doesn’t know what good feels like

Society doesn’t know what good feels like Majority of people don’t know what feeling good really feels like…This is something i have told clients over and over again when we attempt to change their diet. First step is just being aware of what you are eating, that’s it! Doesn’t matter what diet you are on, … Read more

Health is the new Wealth

Health is the new Wealth This is phrase i read in a book i am currently reading and it has been stuck in my head all week. What is the point have a million dollar salary if you are always working? How do you enjoy this, how do you justify all your time being spent … Read more

Qualifications aren’t everything

Qualifications aren’t everything I was having a very in depth chat with one of my clients this morning about the legitimacy of qualifications in particular in the fitness (and photography) industry. If you have studied bio-mechanics but have never put this new found knowledge to use, in my opinion there is no tangible skill set. … Read more